Four new projects fought to the top of GitHub’s trending feature this week. Take a look at the cream of the crop:

#1: NProgress
This nanoscopic progress bar written in JavaScript by Rico Sta. Cruz features realistic trickle animations to convince users something is happening. Inspired by Google, YouTube and Medium, NProgress is perfect for Turbolinks, Pjax and other AJAX-heavy apps. It allows developers to add progress to AJAX calls and bind it to jQuery, along with setting progress percentages and incrementing the progress bar.

#2: Ungit
Ungit is the easiest way to use Git on any platform supported by Node.js and Git. Created by Fredrik Noren, this Git user interface works well with GitHub, running a clean and intuitive UI that makes Git understandable. The Web-based interface can run on cloud/pure shell machines using your browser’s UI, and boasts Gerrit integration to view, check out, and push changes to and from Gerrit.

#3: Sovereign
Developed by Alex Payne, Sovereign is a set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain a personal cloud, based entirely on open-source software. Payne, a disenfranchised Google Apps customer, shares his personal server setup in an easily cloned and configurable format. Among Sovereign’s services are virtual domains backed by MySQL, a private Dropbox and VPN server, and IMAP over SSL with full text search provided by Solr.

#4: Bootstrap
We previewed this one in last week’s Top 5 list.

#5: Vegeta
Inspired by the legendary Dragon Ball Z character, this versatile HTTP load-testing tool can be used both as a command-line utility and a library. Tomas Senart developed the tool out of the need to drill HTTP services with a constant request rate. Vegeta specifies issue request times to targets, target attack ordering, output type, reporting type and request rates per second. One might say it has OVER 9,000 USES.

Over 9,000