Progress Software has introduced a new BPM offering that it says will make business processes more dynamic by integrating with Progress’ Complex Event Processing and transaction management solutions.

Progress shipped its Responsive Process Management (RPM) suite on Monday. The suite is designed to provide visibility across business operations, enabling  users to respond to events by making changes to business processes, said vice president of marketing Pat Walsh.

Pricing is determined by a customer’s implementation and capacity, he said.

The RPM suite’s main interface is called Control Tower, a dashboard that provides a real-time view of business transactions and business processes, in addition to displaying key performance indicators and other business information.

The system can be tuned to identify and respond to patterns of events by prompting business users to adjust a running business process, Walsh said. Events also trigger alerts.

Process modeling and automation tools are built into the solution. The company obtained its BPM capability by acquiring Savvion earlier this year.

Progress earlier purchased Apama, a developer of event-stream processing technology, in 2005. Apama technologies have already been integrated with its products.

Customers may use third-party components with Control Tower through adapters that work with popular middleware from IBM, Oracle and TIBCO, Walsh said.

Progress will be introducing industry-specific “solution accelerators” over the next several months, he added. The accelerators will allow business users to define their business processes based on industry best practices, according to the company.