GitHub is making enterprise source control easier to manage with the release of GitHub Enterprise 2.6 earlier this week. The new version includes improvements designed to make it easier for managers to handle pull requests and workflows.

GitHub 2.6 brings new pull request features. Now, the platform has pre-receive hooks that allow the enforcement of push policies before code gets to GitHub. Logs can also be pushed to multiple sources, thanks to multiple log-forwarding support being added to the platform.

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For administrators, GitHub Enterprise 2.6 offers greater control over protected branches. Users can now merge out-of-date pull requests, and set restrictions on which users and teams can merge branches.

As for searching across pull requests, version 2.6 includes new search features that make it easier to track down key submissions and approve them. New filters also allow pull requests to be sorted by factors such as name and extension.

Communicating with teams using GitHub Enterprise 2.6 will be easier as well. This version adds support for dragging and dropping files into repositories, rather than relying exclusively on the command-line tool. There is now support for issue and pull request templates, as well as canned replies to requests.

On the more mundane front, this version supports the use of emojis to react to repositories, issues and pull requests. Comments are also no longer restricted to using markdown, thanks to a new GUI text-formatting tool in comment windows.

GitHub Enterprise 2.6 is available today to existing GitHub Enterprise users.