Nowhere is the sweeping popularity of TV shows like “Breaking Bad,” “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones” more apparent than in the meme, GIF and parody culture of the Internet. Even the programming community is finding ways to riff on the cultural lightning rods these series have become, and what results are homages like the parody trailers made for JavaZone 2014.

This year’s international Java conference, taking place in Oslo, Norway in September, will feature a full-length satirical episode parodying one of the three shows, opening up the trailers for voting to decide which one.

JavaZone trailers

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The parodies aren’t particularly clever—quite the opposite in fact. But the creators knew exactly what they were doing. “Game of Codes,” “House of Codes” and “Writing Bad” are nothing if not entertaining. So without further ado:

“Game of Codes”

The Red Hats and White Hats are going to war….a softwar.

“House of Codes”

One mouse-click away from the executive floor at Oracle and not a single upvote on his poll. Democracy is overrated.

“Writing Bad”

“Say my name.”


At the moment, “Writing Bad” is edging out “Game of Codes” for the lead. Cast your vote and weigh in. The winning parody episode will be released in August.