Sharegate, a success story in the SharePoint software field, announced recently the release of a new version of its famous migration tool with crucial new features. Most of all, users will now be able to export content from SharePoint to their computer. Why would you need this feature? It allows you to take your migration “Offline” when needed. Therefore, if you have to migrate content from two different physical places, you can export the files on your computer and send them by mail. This process can make you save a huge amount of time! As you can see, this functionality unlocks another world of possibilities for your SharePoint migration that only users will be able to discover. Here are the star features of this release:

Export from SharePoint: With Sharegate, export your content straight from your SharePoint home screen to your computer. You only have to navigate to your site collection or a particular SharePoint site, choose the folders where you want to export your files and….it’s on your desktop!

Set “Author and Modified Dates” yourself: One of Sharegate’s goal was to keep these properties exactly the same when you migrated content. Now, you can change them as if they were regular columns in SharePoint!

Migrate Term Store: With a simple Drag and Drop, migrate your Term Groups and Term Sets easily from your managed metadata service.

Contextual help: Sharegate’s ultimate objective is to simplify your SharePoint migration. Therefore, Sharegate’s Geeks used their skills to create this feature. Wherever you are in Sharegate, you can now access directly to the help related specifically to what you are doing by clicking on “Need Help”.

All Sharegate users can download the 4.3 version for free and take advantage of these awesome new features. That’s the spirit! If you’re not one of them yet, you can download their free 15 day migration on Now, they’ll get back to working on the next release because their brains never stop!

To get more information on this new version, read this article: Export from SharePoint with Sharegate 4.3.