Programming languages don’t have to be boring; they can be fun, bright and colorful! One GitHub project aims reinvent what it means to be a programming language. Emojicode is an open-source object orientated programming language the uses emojis.

“Emojicode aims to be the first high-level programming language that uses Emojis to structure the program and its flow,” according to the project’s website. “Emojicode allows you to build fast cross-platform applications while having a lot of fun.”

The language provides paradigms like object-orientation, optionals, generics and closures; binaries that work across platforms; a real-time engine; and read-to-use package systems.

The project provides extensive documentation to help developers learn Emoijcode, and it uses Stack Overflow to answer any questions.

“There’s sometimes confusion when emojis are used. Basically it’s very simple: All type, method, class method and initializer names are emojis,” the website states. “On the other hand, variables cannot include emojis but must be any combination of characters that cannot be confused with numbers.”

In addition, the project is looking for any contributions to help the language grow, and will be setting up a contribution guideline soon.

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