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TypeScript 4.3 released with separate write types

Microsoft announced the release of TypeScript 4.3, which adds many new features such as separate write types on properties, ‘override’ and the ‘–noImplicitOverride’ flag, template string type improvements and more.  With separate write types, developers can specify types for reading and writing to properties. TypeScript will only use the “reading” type when considering how two … continue reading

Report finds Go is becoming more critical to a company’s success

The Go programming language is making its way to more enterprises and businesses. The 2020 Go survey results found that 76% of respondents are using Go at work, and 66% stated it’s becoming critical to their company’s success. Additionally, 91% of respondents would like to use Go for their next new project, and 89% find … continue reading

Dart 2.12 available with sound null safety and FFI

The latest version of the programming language Dart is now available. Dart 2.12 includes stable versions of sound null safety and Dart FFI. Null safety strengthens the language’s type system, and will enable developers to more easily catch null errors during development. Previously, it was difficult to tell the difference between code that anticipated being … continue reading

Why developers love Go

The open source Go programming language, also known as Golang, has worked to simplify developer lives since it first appeared in 2009. While it may have been Google’s backing that gained developers’ attention, its efficiency, simplicity and tooling are the reason developers keep coming back, according to Nathan Youngman, author of Get Programming with Go. … continue reading

What’s all the fuss about Rust?

The Rust systems programming language is still in its infancy, having only released the first stable version of the language in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped it from rising to the top of developer charts. Last year, it broke onto the TIOBE Index Top 20 list of the most popular programming languages for the first … continue reading

Microsoft’s LAMBDA language allows new functions to be written in Excel

Microsoft is attempting to make Excel a more powerful application. According to the company, Excel formulas are written by a significantly larger number of people than all C, C++, C#, Java and Python developers combined. It is the world’s most powerful programming language, but it has two main shortcomings. One shortcoming is that the Excel … continue reading

TypeScript 4.2 beta now available

The beta release of TypeScript 4.2 is now available. There are a number of new features being added, and a number of breaking changes as well.  In this version, rest elements can be used in more ways than before. Previously, they were only allowed at the last position of a tuple type, but they can … continue reading

Python named TIOBE’s programming language of 2020

Python has once again been named the TIOBE Index programming language of the year. This is the fourth time it has been declared the programming language of the year. TIOBE Index awards the programming language of the year to the language with the most popularity. Over the last year, Python has seen a 2.01% uptake … continue reading

Ruby 3.0.0 RC1 now available

The first release candidate of the next version of the programming language Ruby is now available. Ruby 3.0.0 RC1 introduces a number of new features, such as RBS, TypeProf, Ractor, and Fiber Scheduler. RBS is a language for describing types of Ruby programs, and it enables developers to document the definitions of classes and modules. … continue reading

Swift 5.3 focuses on language refinements

The latest version of the programming language is here. Swift 5.3 focuses on language refinements, the developer experience, and expanding the Swift ecosystem.  New language refinements include adding a string initializer with access to uninitialized storage, synthesized Comparable conformance for enum types, where clauses on contextually generic declarations, refined didSet semantics, and more.  RELATED CONTENT: … continue reading

example code for a calculator being built using Swift for Windows

Swift now available for Windows

Swift, the programming language used for macOS, iOS, and other Apple operating systems, is now available on Windows via downloadable toolchain images. According to the team, there has been a significant push to port Swift to Windows over the past year. Now that effort has reached a point where early adopters will be able to … continue reading

Perl 7 announced, expected within the next year

After releasing Perl 5.32 earlier this month, the Perl community is already looking towards the next release of the language, which will be Perl 7. According to a blog post written by Perl book author brian d foy on the Perl website, “Perl 7 is going to be Perl 5.32, mostly.” What this means is … continue reading

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