The latest version of the programming language is here. Swift 5.3 focuses on language refinements, the developer experience, and expanding the Swift ecosystem. 

New language refinements include adding a string initializer with access to uninitialized storage, synthesized Comparable conformance for enum types, where clauses on contextually generic declarations, refined didSet semantics, and more. 

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Runtime performance is also significantly improved in this release. Swift 5.3 offers improved binary code size and runtime memory usage. 

Improvements to developer experience include indentation improvements when editing code, code completion enhancements, build time improvements, compiler diagnostics, and debugging improvements. 

There are also updates to the Swift Package Manager. Packages can now contain resources like images or other data files, can contain localizable content, can vend prebuilt libraries distributed as XCFrameworks, and a package target’s dependencies can now be declared as conditional.