SKIE is an open-source tool that provides interoperability between Kotlin and Swift. Kotlin is the official language for Android development, while Swift is the language for Apple platforms, including iOS.

It generates Swift wrappers around the Objective-C headers that the Kotlin compiler creates. This recreates features that are supported by both languages that sometimes get “lost in the translation from Kotlin to Objective-C to Swift.” These include exhaustive sealed classes, default arguments, and suspend functions and Flows. 

This tool will make it much easier to design Kotlin APIs for use in iOS, as well as improve the experience of calling the APIs from Swift. 

SKIE was developed by TouchLab, which is a company that focuses on enabling multiplatform support for Kotlin. 

“The bottom line: Every KMP project exporting to Swift should consider trying SKIE, and every new project should have it added from the start,” TouchLab wrote in an announcement about SKIE.  

Learn more about the project by visiting its GitHub page