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Kotlin 2.0 now available with stable version of K2 compiler

JetBrains has just released Kotlin 2.0, which it says is a major update to the programming language. It was announced at KotlinConf 2024, happening May 22-24, which is an event full of talks about using Kotlin. “Today we are excited to release Kotlin 2.0 with a stable K2 compiler, which is multiplatform from the ground … continue reading

JetBrains reveals its 2024 development roadmap for Kotlin Multiplatform

JetBrains is officially gearing up for new developments in its Kotlin Multiplatform tool next year, after having announced its first stable release a few weeks ago. The company just released its development roadmap for the tool for 2024.  “We’re dedicated to making Compose Multiplatform a framework that allows creating beautiful and performant applications that look … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Amper

JetBrains has been experimenting with ways to improve the development experience for developers, focusing on both project definition and tooling support. One of these projects, called Amper, is now being shared publicly for feedback.  Amper is designed as a tool to enhance the user experience of project configuration, particularly focused on aspects like building, packaging, … continue reading

JetBrains releases Kotlin Multiplatform stable version

JetBrains, the leading provider of professional software development tools, has released the stable version of Kotlin Multiplatform, a technology for sharing code among iOS, Android, desktop, web, server-side, and other platforms. It is already used by development teams at major companies, including Netflix, VMware, Cash App, McDonald’s, Electrolux, and Phillips. Released in Beta in 2022, Kotlin … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: SKIE

SKIE is an open-source tool that provides interoperability between Kotlin and Swift. Kotlin is the official language for Android development, while Swift is the language for Apple platforms, including iOS. It generates Swift wrappers around the Objective-C headers that the Kotlin compiler creates. This recreates features that are supported by both languages that sometimes get … continue reading

Kotlin 1.9 brings K2 compiler in Beta

JetBrains has announced the release of Kotlin 1.9. This release introduces many enhancements, a big one being the beta release of the K2 compiler for the JVM.  The K2 compiler is a new frontend compiler that is planned to be released in Kotlin 2.0 as stable. It is a complete rewrite of the original compiler … continue reading

JetBrains releases beta of its cross-platform Kotlin development tool

JetBrains, creator of the Kotlin programming language, has announced a beta program for a new SDK for cross-platform mobile development in Kotlin. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile will allow developers to use a single codebase for creating both iOS and Android apps.  According to JetBrains, logic elements can often fall out of sync when dealing with mutliple … continue reading

Kotlin 1.7.0 now available with alpha version of K2 compiler

The latest version of the Kotlin programming language is now available. Kotlin 1.7.0 includes updates like an alpha version of the K2 compiler, improvements to incremental compilation in Gradle, and more.  In addition to performance improvements, the goal of the new K2 compiler is to speed up development of new features in the language, unify … continue reading

ShiftLeft CORE gets new vulnerability identification features

Security company ShiftLeft today announced the new release of its ShiftLeft CORE platform with the Velocity Update that has new features for identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities earlier in the software development life cycle.  New features and capabilities include the ability to perform code analysis for Kotlin apps for mobile development, which is an early-stage … continue reading

JetBrains Compose Multiplatform reaches 1.0 release

JetBrains has announced that Compose Multiplatform, which is a declarative UI framework for Kotlin, has reached the release of version 1.0, making it now ready for use in production. Users can now create Kotlin apps on desktop and can build production-quality dynamic web experiences using Compose for Web’s stable DOM API with full interoperability with … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Altova releases version 2022 of MissionKit; CodeSee Maps now available; Kotlin support for protocol buffers; CyberRes announces Voltage SecureData services

Altova today announced the release of Version 2022 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software. Included in this is support for the new Open Information Model (OIM) XBRL standard in multiple products and other XBRL related enhancements. The details of Altova’s XBRL-enabled software include  XMLSpy offers complete XBRL and XBRL taxonomy development tools … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Grafana raises $220 million in funding, Kotlin 1.5.30 released, FusionAuth announces advanced threat detection

Grafana Labs announced $220 million in Series C that it said it will use to focus on accelerating the development of its open-source observability platform.  The company also recently added k6, the company behind the open-source load-testing tool, and, a team known for creating tools with great developer experience, to the Grafana Labs family.  … continue reading

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