JetBrains has announced that Compose Multiplatform, which is a declarative UI framework for Kotlin, has reached the release of version 1.0, making it now ready for use in production.

Users can now create Kotlin apps on desktop and can build production-quality dynamic web experiences using Compose for Web’s stable DOM API with full interoperability with all browser APIs on the web. 

Since Compose Multiplatform is declarative, the code reflects the UI structure of the app so that users don’t have to worry about copying data from model to view or developing UI refreshing logic. 

“It’s easy to get started with Compose Multiplatform, especially if you’ve used a declarative UI framework like React or Jetpack Compose by Google before. Compose Multiplatform uses many of the same concepts, so you should feel right at home,” JetBrains wrote in a blog post which contains additional details on Compose Multiplatform 1.0.

The platform uses Skia, a well-optimized graphics library that is used by many performance-sensitive applications including modern browsers. 

It also offers short iteration cycles via the Preview Tool that allows users to fine-tune their components/parts of the UI, and create multiple iterations of them without having to rebuild or restart the application, shortening the development cycle.

Beyond the Desktop, Compose Multiplatform gives users a powerful, declarative Kotlin/JS API for working with the DOM.