Python has once again been named the TIOBE Index programming language of the year. This is the fourth time it has been declared the programming language of the year. TIOBE Index awards the programming language of the year to the language with the most popularity. Over the last year, Python has seen a 2.01% uptake followed by C++ at 1.99%, C at 1.66%, Groovy at 1.23% and R at 1.10%. 

“It has been stated before: Python is popping up everywhere. It started as a competitor of Perl to write scripts for system administrators a long time ago. Nowadays it is the favorite language in fields such as data science and machine learning, but it is also used for web development and back-end programming and growing into the mobile application domain and even in (larger) embedded systems,” the Index stated in a post

Python has overtaken Java in the last year
Moving from Python 2 to Python 3

According to TIOBE, main factors for Python’s popularity include ease of learning and high productivity. “These two qualities are key in a world that is craving for more developers in all kinds of fields. Python already tested the second position some months ago and it will for sure swap places with Java permanently soon. Will Python also beat C? Well, C has still one trump card to play: its performance, and this will remain the case for some time to come. So I guess it will certainly take some years for Python to become the new number 1 in the TIOBE index,” TIOBE wrote. 

Other notable changes in the last year include C has once again surpassed Java at the top spot. C was also considered the programming language of 2019, according to the index. In addition, R and Groovy have made their way into the top 20 programming languages on the index. TIOBE predicts Julia, Dart and Rust will reach the top 20 this year.