The ingress platform ngrok has announced the release of ngrok-python, which is an SDK that enables developers to implement ingress in their Python applications. 

This allows Python developers to serve their apps through ngrok’s network without much configuration. 

The SDK creates a secure, persistent connection to ngrok’s ingress-as-a-service platform, and then ngrok transmits the application’s configuration information to the nearest Point of Presence.

It offers benefits like easy installation, easy integration, works from one line of code, idiomatic functional options, built-in forwarding, and out-of-the-box logging support. 

According to ngrok, the inspiration to create ngrok-python was to enable developers to ignore the complexities of the network stack. 

“Instead of focusing on core business logic, developers often invest substantial time and effort in adding non-functional capabilities such as authentication, authorization, observability, and high availability that are outside their area of expertise,” Bob Hagemann, principal engineer at ngrok, wrote in a blog post.  

Other pillars that ngrok-python was built on include the idea that ingress should be environment independent and shouldn’t require sidecars.