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ngrok Transforms API Delivery with the Industry’s First Developer-Defined API Gateway

SAN FRANCISCO — February 15, 2024 — ngrok, the secure unified ingress platform for developers, today unveiled early access to its API gateway-as-a-service that marks a major advancement in how APIs are delivered. This next-generation API gateway solution offers enhanced capabilities such as JWT authentication and authorization to strengthen API security, global rate limiting to ensure fairness … continue reading

Ngrok releases new SDK for implementing ingress in Python applications

The ingress platform ngrok has announced the release of ngrok-python, which is an SDK that enables developers to implement ingress in their Python applications.  This allows Python developers to serve their apps through ngrok’s network without much configuration.  The SDK creates a secure, persistent connection to ngrok’s ingress-as-a-service platform, and then ngrok transmits the application’s … continue reading

ngrok adds new package for adding ingress to Go applications

Ngrok, a Kubernetes ingress controller, has a new package out that enables developers to embed ingress into Go applications. Go developers can use ngrok-go to serve their Go apps with little coding required as they won’t have to set up with network primitives like IPs, certificates, load balancers, and ports.  Calling the ngrok.Listen() function will … continue reading Protection Status