Shippable is revamping itself to help developers ship high-quality code faster. The company announced a new Continuous Delivery platform designed to eliminate the need for custom automation and integrations, and to give developers the ability to adopt new technologies at their own pace with minimal disruption and rework costs.

“Every company wants to ship code faster,” said Avi Cavale, cofounder and CEO of Shippable. “Shippable makes developers more productive and delivers a higher-quality result. More importantly, the pipeline we have built is flexible and future-proof. When you want to move to a new platform or a technology like microservices, our system supports this transition without requiring new tools or infrastructure. Developers can choose the tools they want, the right cloud for their apps, and where they want to run their builds. We automate the process and deliver actionable insights into their delivery pipeline against their chosen infrastructure.”

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The new Shippable platform is based on three pillars: cloud portability, choice and flexibility through plug-and-play integrations, and a future proof platform. Features include the ability to customize Docker workflows, faster and more predictable builds, the ability to run builds on any infrastructure, pipeline visualizations, and an expanded RESTful API that provides access for everything that can be done through the UI.

“Solving the integration of DevOps toolchains from development through deployment through policy-driven automation is one of the most pressing needs in DevOps today,” says Steve Hendrick, principal analyst for application development and deployment research at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Shippable is addressing exactly this issue, thereby eliminating the brittle infrastructure-dependent scripting that is in use today. The result is a DevOps pipeline that is more application-centric, easier to manage, and adaptable to whatever tools and infrastructure an enterprise is using.”