Want your development efforts to be swift, strategic and super productive? That is exactly what Ninja, a full stack Web framework for Java, aims to help developers do.

“Doesn’t matter if you build huge enterprise apps or small RESTful JSON microservices, Ninja provides everything you need to get productive at once: development, testing, deployment, refactoring and maintenance,” according to the project’s website.

Around 2012, the Ninja team realized their frameworks didn’t particularly meet their needs or use cases, so they embarked on a journey to create a framework with all the features they had in mind. Those features include a simple programming model; Web friendliness; dependency injection; first-class IDE integration; mock and integration tests; build and CI support; RESTful architecture; simple JSON consumption and rendering; HTML rendering; built-in support for authentication of user; and a clean codebase that’s easy to extend. What they came up with was the Ninja framework.

“Back in 2012, there was not a single Java framework that supported our use case out of the box,” the team wrote. “Ninja is an integrated software stack. The aim is that you don’t have to set up everything yourself. Ideally you just generate a new project from our maven archetype, import the project into your IDE, and start hacking.”

The team recently released Ninja 5.3, which featured easy-to-use HTTPS. Full release notes are available here.

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