Today Checkly Inc., the only company with a synthetic app and API monitoring platform made for developers that bridges the gap between Dev, Ops, and QA, announced that over 600 customers and thousands of developers have adopted its platform to seamlessly integrate with their existing development workflows. The company has surpassed 3.5 Billion checks run by users implementing Checkly’s end-to-end monitoring at speed and scale. The company also announced that it is updating the Checkly platform with a host of new product features, including a new Playwright test runner integration, mobile alerting improvements, and general availability of its new GitHub Sync feature to update and control Browser check code.

Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to customer privacy, security, needs for data availability, and responding to growing requests from enterprise customers, the company is also now fully compliant with SOC (System and Organization Controls) 2 Type 1. SOC 2 is widely recognized as one of the most important and rigorous compliance standards related to managing customer data.

“Development teams at companies like Airbus, Vercel, 1Password, Deno, and the Schwarz IT are choosing Checkly because our programmable, monitoring-as-code approach gives developers confidence that issues will be quickly identified,” says Checkly CEO and co-founder Hannes Lenke. “We’ve hit a number of business milestones and doubled-down on support for Playwright, the leading open-source automation framework. We’ve also achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance and shipped a number of new product features, all in support of our singular vision of creating the best synthetic app and API monitoring platform for developers.”

Checkly Business Highlights-

  • The Checkly synthetic app and API monitoring platform has been adopted by development teams at top brands and organizations globally, including 1Password, Airbus, commercetools, Deno, Hays, Joyn, Prisma, Schwarz IT, Vercel, Yext, and more.
  • Demonstrating the deep value of the platform to developers, Checkly has already run more than 3.5 Billion API and browser checks with a monthly rate of 343 Million checks and 400,000 alerts—and growing.
  • In a research study by Digital Enterprise Journal entitled “Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022“, analyst Bojan Simic found Checkly to be a leader across eight categories aligned with key user requirements.
  • Checkly won the Flexible Work Award in the category of “The Leading Remote-First Company” out of a group of more than 50 top remote-first and remote-friendly global companies.
  • Cinthia Portugal joins Checkly from CrowdStrike where she served as VP and global head of Humio marketing. As Checkly’s CMO, Cinthia will lead marketing strategy globally and be instrumental in scaling the company’s growth in new and existing markets, and broadening its global industry reach.

Checkly Product Updates-

  • Native support for Playwright Test brings existing customer E2E scripts directly into Checkly with support for expect, trace files, video recordings and more.
  • Enhanced native integration with leading providers that support Checkly’s Monitoring-as-Code (MaC) workflow, including Terraform, Pulumi, and the newly-announced GitHub Sync.
  • New alerting enhancements provide additional transparency about Checkly alerts, while new mobile improvements optimize the Checkly experience for tablets and smartphones. GitHub Sync—to update and control browser check codes—is now also generally available.
  • To better support the needs of enterprise customers, the Checkly platform completed a migration from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to benefit from better database scalability, better observability, and full control over cross regional backups for disaster recovery.
  • To announce new platform features and functionality on a regular basis, Checkly will be holding quarterly Launch Weeks—beginning with Checkly Launch Week 1—which starts today, October 11th, at 9:00am PT / Noon ET / 9:00pm CET.

“We’ve been using Checkly’s newest features, GitHub Sync and integration with Playwright Test, and we see great value in both,” said Eric Matthys, Principal Software Engineer at Plex, Inc. “GitHub Sync lets us remove complexity related to managing Terraform with CI, which previously required an additional service. With Checkly it’s much simpler now and there are fewer pieces that contributors need to understand. Checkly’s Playwright Test Integration allows us to write our end-to-end tests and run them locally in (almost) the same way as our other tests. We have found the async assertions in particular helpful and valuable to our efforts.”