Codefresh, the continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) solution, today announced that its CD platform will be made available as a fully-hosted solution for GitOps teams looking to achieve frictionless, GitOps based continuous software delivery in the cloud. 

This new hosted offering works to provide Argo CD as a Service as well as introduces new DORA dashboards and integrations with multiple CI providers at no cost for small teams and community projects.

According to Codefresh, the hosted GitOps service is a simplistic way for users to get started with GitOps. Additionally, it is cost-effectively scalable for bigger teams that target multi-cluster, multi-application deployments.

Codefresh GitOps CD will also add new dashboards, including fully integrated DevOps Research and Assessment tracking that provides visibility across Deployment Frequency, Lead Time for Changes, Change Failure Rate, and Time to Restore Service easily filterable by project and team. 

For the first time, Codefresh has added first-class integrated support for external CI providers beginning with Jenkins and GitHub actions. 

This integration with existing CI pipelines allows teams onboarding to use Codefresh GitOps and immediately start gaining insights from the Universal Dashboard.

“GitOps is essential for achieving efficient, continuous delivery at any scale, and is revolutionizing the way teams deliver software,” said Raziel Tabib, co-founder and CEO of Codefresh. “Just as GitHub mainstreamed the adoption and consumption of Git, Codefresh is committed to helping users automate GitOps in a streamlined, fully-hosted experience. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, GitOps operational excellence is now – for the first time – accessible to all.”

For more information, or to sign up for a free trial, visit the website.