CipherPoint, a data security provider for on-premises and cloud file sharing and collaboration systems, today announced CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare, a new set of products designed to secure patient information and other sensitive data in Microsoft SharePoint.
With CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare, organizations have the ability to identify, secure, and audit access to sensitive and regulated data stored in file servers and platforms such as SharePoint. The Eclipse for Healthcare solution provides specific scanning, security policies, and pre-built reports aimed at identifying electronic protected health information (ePHI) and personal health information, securing it, and reporting on access to it as required by HIPAA.
“As content continues to grow in SharePoint and other collaboration platforms, healthcare organizations are facing tremendous pressure to address regulatory requirements from HIPAA, while protecting against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats,” said Mike Fleck, CEO, CipherPoint. “Our new Eclipse for Healthcare solutions suite combines the identification, encryption and auditing capabilities organizations need to address their security and compliance requirements, without compromising their existing infrastructure.”
The CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare suite includes:
· CipherPoint Eclipse Data Security Console — a central security management console for file servers and SharePoint sites that enables customers to easily create and apply HIPAA security policies and provides pre-built HIPAA system activity reports, while auditing all access to sensitive information.
· CipherPoint Eclipse for SharePoint — provides transparent encryption and access control for data in SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013 servers.
· CipherPoint Eclipse for File Servers — provides transparent encryption and access control for data in file servers.
· CipherPoint Eclipse Content Scanner — scans content in SharePoint sites to identify sensitive and regulated data, including ePHI, ICD-9 and ICD-10 transactions codes, and other personally identifiable information.

Available now, pricing for the CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare is based upon the number of SharePoint servers and file servers, and starts at $20,000 per year.
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