Cloudsoft recently announced the launch of the Cloudsoft Monterey Spring Edition, an intelligent application mobility platform for Spring applications running in the cloud. The solution helps Spring developers simplify how they build, run and manage distributed applications.

Users can partition and dynamically move running components within and across public and private clouds without service disruption. This reduces development costs and increases Spring application productivity by up to 300%, according to the company.

“Monterey Spring Edition is the only product to give Spring developers the freedom, flexibility and peace-of-mind to rapidly re-factor and easily move their applications across multiple public and private clouds,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, founder and CEO of Cloudsoft.

The company said that the Monterey Spring Edition offers full integration with the SpringSource Tool Suite. Since no new coding is required and developers don’t have to acquire new skills, they can maintain their focus on application logic relevant to their business. Developers are free to define whatever APIs they wish for service consumers to use. The only difference is that they’ll need to reference a Monterey config file when they’re ready to deploy into a distributed environment or a cloud. The solution includes application partitioning and maintains transactional integrity. It also has built-in support for multi-cloud scenarios.

Monterey Spring Edition is location-aware and uses a hierarchical model of geographical and jurisdictional locations and constraints, combined with automatic performance metrics for components and locations. Monterey’s policy-based infrastructure optimizes application locations based on multiple criteria, including load, cost, latency and jurisdiction. The platform also automatically ensures compliance requirements are met to avoid regulatory violations and penalties.

According to Johnston-Watt, “This innovative intelligent application mobility reduces development costs and ensures Spring applications run on the most cost-effective cloud available in the world at any time. Spring developers can now reduce operational and reputational risk, avoid vendor lock-in, and increase revenue by improving performance, uptime and customer experience for their applications running in the cloud.”