Apache JMeter 3.3 released

Open source software foundation Apache has released Apache JMeter 3.3, the latest version of their application testing software, bringing new features and bug fixes to the utility.

Highlighted changes to JMeter include support for decompression of the Brotli format in the HTTP Sampler, complete support for Vary headers in the CacheManager, latency computation in the TCP sampler and update dependencies. Additionally, the InfluxDB BackendListener can now send results to InfluxDB over UDP.

Though this version of JMeter doesn’t yet support Java 9, the next version will. For now, the JMeter team recommends developers stick with the last minor version of Java 8.

Visit Apache’s website to see the extended list of changes.

Manifold launches from stealth, allows users to manage fragmented cloud infrastructure

Manifold, a startup including developers from Heroku, Salesforce, Canonical and Red Hat, announced its launch from stealth last week, revealing its singular platform which allows developers to mix and match services from multiple different cloud providers.

“The modern development stack is complex. Until now, there has been no easy way for developers to discover and manage the mix of services needed to create modern applications without resorting to the one-size-fits-all offerings of the monoclouds,” said Jevon MacDonald, CEO and co-founder of Manifold. “This has stifled developer freedom and creativity, while also limiting the opportunity for innovative service providers looking to reinvent the way we build applications. Manifold has set out to change this, by providing a simple way for the best developers to connect with their favorite service providers.”

The platform will launch with a set of over a dozen hand-selected services that are considered some of the top-rated in their niche, including Scout, Mailgun, LogDNA and RedisGreen. Manifold plans to continue adding more services to the platform and will eventually take submissions from service providers for inclusion.

Report: Workflow automation market to reach US$18.45 billion by 2023

Market research firm ReportsnReports have released the “Workflow Automation Market Global Forecast to 2023,” which predicts a CAGR of 23.56 percent over the next six years.

The report shows the workflow automation industry reaching a value of US$18.45 billion by 2023, up from $4.26 billion last year, based on factors including increased ease of use and significant cost efficiency.

The market is expected to grow the most in Asia Pacific economies, which is attributed by the study to outsourcing industries in places like India and China looking to increase operational efficiency and lower costs.