Pulumi Corporation is giving developers and DevOps teams a new way to get their code to the cloud. The company emerged from stealth mode today with an open-source cloud development platform for cloud-native apps using containers, serverless functions, APIs and infrastructure.

“All developers are now cloud developers. The cloud delivers enormous capabilities; however, creating modern cloud software is still too difficult and requires specialized skills. It lacks a true programming model with the same familiarity and productivity that developers know and love when creating traditional applications,” said Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. “The Pulumi platform provides a reimagined cloud development experience, with a real programming model, enabling teams to deliver cloud software faster, and manage it more collaboratively.”

The platform aims to be a multi-language, multi-cloud and open package ecosystem. Developers can use their preferred language of choice with support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and Go. The company is currently working on adding support for Java and C#. For cloud environments, the platform supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes. In addition, the platform leverages existing package managers to enable sharing and reuse.

“Pulumi’s approach takes the familiar concept of infrastructure-as-code, coupled with immutable infrastructure, and lets you reap the automation and repeatability benefits from your favorite languages instead of YAML or DSLs. You can diff changes before deploying them and we keep a perfect audit trail of who changed what and when. The core model is therefore declarative,” Duffy wrote in a post.

While the platform is in public preview, it will be available for free, and continue to offer a free service tier after exiting preview.

In addition, the company announced a US$5 million series seed investment from Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital. “

Usage of containers and serverless computing has been accelerating, showing clear benefits to developers and enterprises, but also matched by increasing complexity in bringing these technologies together across a multi-cloud environment. Pulumi’s platform and suite of tools enables developers and teams to shortcut this complexity,” said S. Somasegar, managing director at Madrona Venture Group.