Rancher Labs and infrastructure startup Redapt today introduced a new container platform for running systems inside of a datacenter or cloud. The platform includes support for various levels of container infrastructure, from scheduling to Docker and its supporting projects.

Rancher Labs characterized this new platform, known as RancherOS, as a way for enterprises to run their own hosted container platform. Rancher takes care of provisioning, handling virtual machines and containers, and provides access to storage systems.

Redapt’s part of the work is in the implementation side. It is a systems integrator focused on datacenter and cloud solutions, and thus it will be using Rancher in some of its installations.

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Jeff Dickey, chief innovation officer at Redapt, said, “We’re focused on developing and delivering solutions that allow our clients to deploy and benefit from new, innovative technologies being brought to market. Docker is a perfect example of this. Through this partnership with Rancher Labs, we’re enabling users to better leverage Docker containers, while also simplifying and reducing cost at the same time.”

Sheng Liang, cofounder and CEO of Rancher Labs, said, “We strive to build the best infrastructure platform for running containers in production. The hyper-converged infrastructure solution is a big step toward achieving that goal. We are excited to be working with Redapt to make private container services even more easy to deploy and efficient to operate in datacenters.”

Liang and his team came from Citrix. The four cofounders originated in the cloud platforms group at Citrix, but they originally came from Apache CloudStack and Cloud.com.