RESTON, Va. & NEW ORLEANS–Software AG launched webMethods Integration Cloud, integration software for the cloud; and at the same time, the company released webMethods 9.7, an update to its Business Process Management and Integration platform, together giving unprecedented levels of access, precision and control to business operations. Both products will be showcased at the company’s Innovation World, a user conference being held in New Orleans for more than 1,000 attendees.

webMethods Integration Cloud provides cloud, on premises and hybrid integration capabilities as a service, including SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premises application integration. This opens the full panoply of agile business software including dynamic processes, real-time streaming analytics, and mobile applications to any cloud based application.

Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG, said: “Cloud technologies are increasingly being used by businesses as a growing part of their IT infrastructure. To address this, Software AG has developed its iPaaS portfolio based on its experience in delivering robust, secure on-premises integration solutions. Most importantly, we are providing reliable Cloud solutions that enable businesses to leverage today’s hyper-connected world and take advantage of new business opportunities arising from the digital economy.”

Hybrid Architecture

The hybrid architecture allows the on-premises Integration Server to securely connect to webMethods Integration Cloud for the purpose of synchronizing metadata and allowing on-premises services to be called from the cloud. Ease of use and speed of deployment are enhanced by a new web and tablet-friendly responsive user interface, featuring a guided development environment that walks users through the steps required to graphically map, transform and enrich the integration of business assets such as applications, data and business processes. The cloud service features built-in source code control, as well as a unique deployment architecture, for seamlessly moving integrations through the different lifecycle stages.

Automated and real-time business decisions

Dr. Wolfram Jost continued: “Software AG also released webMethods 9.7 enhancing the analysis, intelligence and speed of response to unfolding real-time business events. We can now offer enterprises both a comprehensive portfolio of public cloud services and unprecedented business agility in addressing the new business opportunities presented by the digital economy. Speed, innovation, control and precision are key elements in successfully competing in today’s business world and the webMethods suite includes major enhancements in these areas.”

webMethods 9.7 introduces Closed Loop Analytics that supports dynamic processes and actions in response to analytical insights gained from real-time business events. It also introduces a new Business Console that provides an out-of-the-box web and tablet-friendly inbox that enables users to view and act on all tasks assigned to them.

Combined, they provide enterprises with a new level of business operational insights and external business context data (from weather or traffic conditions to customer location information) that can drive a wide range of business decisions and responses.

With Closed Loop Analytics, users can set process milestones, goals and associated SLA’s, and then define KPIs to be tracked that are either goal, policy or business issue based. Based on alerts, out-of-the-box actions (such as an escalation process) can be kicked off to address violations or breaches, and can direct the users to their Business Console inbox to perform root cause analysis.

The Business Console is also tightly integrated with a social collaboration platform that lets task workers easily communicate and collaborate with other process participants. It also provides a recommendation engine for experts to help guide users to complete their tasks faster & more effectively. Users can personalize the inbox to display a certain number of tasks, specify the sort order and search and filter inboxes using default or custom saved searches.

Integrating the API Economy

webMethods 9.7 also includes a new API-Portal product that enables enterprises to easily expose applications, functionality and processes to third-party developers and business partners. The portal provides efficient, real-time sharing of information and data across cloud, mobile and on-premises applications. It also monetizes and shares unique corporate assets to new internal and external audiences. The API economy allows for extended customer reach, new sales channels and sources of revenue by supporting “Open API” initiatives.