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Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 introduces new integrations for on-prem teams

Zenhub has introduced the latest version of its project management solution. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 includes features that are tailored for businesses that need to store essential data on-site instead of in the cloud.  Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 offers various productivity-enhancing integrations and a new platform experience, eliminating the requirement for users to possess a GitHub account … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Is the best place for data on-prem or in the cloud? Ask your lawyer

Cloud-based storage is amazing. Simply amazing. That’s especially true when you are talking about data from end users that are accessing your applications via the public Internet. If you store data in your local data center, you have the best control over it. You can place it close to your application servers. You can amortize … continue reading

Software AG Unveils Comprehensive Integration Cloud Portfolio

RESTON, Va. & NEW ORLEANS–Software AG launched webMethods Integration Cloud, integration software for the cloud; and at the same time, the company released webMethods 9.7, an update to its Business Process Management and Integration platform, together giving unprecedented levels of access, precision and control to business operations. Both products will be showcased at the company’s … continue reading

The best of both worlds: SharePoint on-premises in the cloud

But what exactly does “on-prem” mean? It’s not as obvious as it seems … continue reading Protection Status