TigerGraph today announced new features for TigerGraph Cloud, including the addition of multi-user collaboration, integrated login, private networking options, and extended global cloud coverage. 

The Enterprise IAM (Identity and Access Management) feature allows for a single enterprise account to manage multiple users and their role-based access with a holistic view of all solutions in one portal. 

Developers will also benefit from increased collaboration and productivity through a simplified login process to enable access and collaboration across multiple projects. 

“Graph is a critical technology for improved business insights from ML and AI and we want to make it so easy to access and use that anyone can do it,” said Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph. “The TigerGraph Cloud capabilities we announced today make it easy for enterprises to adopt graph technologies and answer critical business questions in the most collaborative way possible. With this, along with our significant cloud expansion into the Asia Pacific and South America regions, we’ve broadened our global reach to include even more organizations seeking graph for the business insights needed to stay ahead of the curve.”

TigerGraph Cloud will now be available in Brazil, Singapore, and Australia through AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. 

Also, TigerGraph announced a new free tier available on Azure which can help meet developer demand to learn and prototype TigerGraph applications on the Azure platform, according to TigerGraph on the company’s site.