Code School

Developers looking for resources and information around JavaScript have a new resource. Developer-focused online learning company Code School today announced it is providing, a new online community dedicated to the client-side programming language and libraries.

“JavaScript has become one of the most important coding languages and pervades nearly everything in the tech world, but because tech moves fast, developers need a way to stay up to date,” said Gregg Pollack, founder and CEO of Code School.

(Related: A report on code bootcamps) is a free community that features training resources and the latest JavaScript updates. The site will help developers learn about JavaScript, get them started programming with the language, and provide them with news, frameworks and libraries. Currently, the website features a short interactive JavaScript tutorial, JavaScript basics, and JavaScript guides and books.

“When the option to purchase the JavaScript domain came up, we were really excited at the potential of creating a home for JavaScript and its users,” Pollack said. “What we’ve built is just the first iteration of what’s to come. We’re ready to listen to the community and see what additional resources we can provide.”