#1: Semantic UI
This specification set for sharing UI elements empowers developers by creating a shared UI vocabulary. Created by Jack Lukic, Semantic UI also simplifies front-end development, making it easier to learn with a UI library split into four components: elements, collections, modules and views.

#2: Coder
This Google Creative Lab creation transforms Raspberry Pi into an easily usable platform for educators and parents to teach basic Web coding. Coder is essentially a teaching tool, allowing new coders to craft modest HTML, CSS and JavaScript projects. It’s Google’s way of bringing coding to the masses.

#3: Cocktails for Programmers—and all its programming-themed alcoholic treats—was featured in last week’s Top 5 list.

#4: Masscan
This Internet port scanner has some serious speed. Masscan can scan the entire Internet in less than six minutes, transmitting 10 million packets per second. Written by Robert David Graham, the TCP scanner spews packets asynchronously with more flexibility than Scanrand, Unicornscan and ZMap in allowing arbitrary address and port ranges.

#5: Vex
Vex is a HubSpot creation, providing a modern, highly configurable dialog library for the 21st century. The easily stylable library is tiny and gzipped, with a clear and simple API, mobile compatibility, and instantaneous customization.