#1: Everpix
From the ashes of a failed company came Everpix. After failing to raise Series A funding, the 2-year-old subscription photo service shut down this past November. The founders decided to release all the uncensored Everpix metrics, financials and business data about their users, photos, sales, costs and more, so similar businesses don’t suffer the same fate.

#2 Light Table, #3 Hover and #5 Colors were featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.

#4: Quietnet
This simple chat program created by Kate Murphy uses inaudible sounds and a computer microphone and speaker to communicate through near ultrasonic frequencies. It works without WiFi or Bluetooth, and it won’t show up in a packet capture. The key word is “quiet,” so if you can clearly hear the send script working, your speakers may not be of high enough quality to produce sounds in the near-ultrasonic range.