LEADTOOLS: The Full Package Of Functionality, Libraries, Support

Developers don’t want to make compromises when choosing third-party software development kits. If a toolkit is meant to speed up development and make life easier, what is the point of attaining those benefits if you have to sacrifice functionality, performance and customer service? Programmers everywhere are having their cake and eating it too with the award-winning document, medical, raster and multimedia imaging technology in LEADTOOLS Version 18.
Since 1990, LEAD Technologies has been supplying imaging technology to software developers, integrators, contractors and solution providers. LEAD’s software development toolkits, LEADTOOLS, are the gold standard in the imaging software development community and are used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide.
“As a software developer, you simply cannot overlook LEADTOOLS,” said Moe Daher, Chairman and CEO of LEAD Technologies. “By trusting LEAD as your imaging partner, you will have everything you need to be competitive, relevant, and successful in today’s image-enabled software markets.”
LEAD’s far-reaching reputation validates their claim as the World Leader in Imaging SDKs. LEADTOOLS has a significant technology footprint within the United States government, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and additional federal and state agencies. Within the private sector, LEAD has an even stronger deployment base including most Fortune 1000 companies.

One Stop Shop
LEADTOOLS SDKs are as comprehensive as they come. Each SDK is the full package with world-class imaging functionality, programmer-friendly libraries, and unparalleled customer support. A major benefit of LEADTOOLS is its ability to be the only imaging toolkit you need. With all imaging categories covered with high-level interfaces and low-level control, you can develop applications for any vertical market, while eliminating the hassle of managing multiple vendor relationships, licensing agreements and support contacts.
Version 18 of LEADTOOLS introduced LEADTOOLS Anywhere, the cross-platform ports of its Document, Medical and Raster Imaging features to new platforms, including WinRT, Windows Phone, iOS, OS X, Android and Linux. Using an API consistent with LEAD’s exceedingly popular and proven .NET and C++ interfaces, developers can integrate powerful imaging features such as PDF, OCR, Forms Recognition, Barcode, Document Cleanup, Annotations, DICOM, PACS, Image Processing, Compression and more into applications reaching new demographics and user bases.
“When you buy LEADTOOLS, you get more than just an imaging toolkit,” stated Daher. “LEADTOOLS gives you peace of mind and confidence that you will not only be able to fulfill the technical requirements of your application, but also do it in less time, with lower costs, and provide a better experience for your end users.”
Tomorrow’s Technology Today
The success of LEADTOOLS can be largely attributed to its ability to navigate the ever-changing software development landscape. By providing meaningful products on all the major development platforms, LEADTOOLS has cemented its position as an authoritative provider in the imaging sector.
In fact, many companies and government agencies look to LEADTOOLS for guidance and to help develop the next generation of image-enabled applications. The most recent example of this can be found within LEAD’s newly released HTML5 and JavaScript toolkits in Version 18.
“Every so often, we have customers approach us looking for something very specific,” continued Daher. “Rather than turning them away, we are honored by their trust in our development expertise and embrace the opportunity with open arms and minds. Through these win-win partnerships, our customers walk away with everything they want in a timely manner, and LEAD adds valuable new technology to its offering that has a proven value and marketability to customers all over the world.”
When first released a little over a year ago, LEADTOOLS HTML5 technology included a zero-footprint viewer with client-side image processing, DICOM viewing with window leveling, native annotations, and web services for OCR, Barcode, format conversion and PACS communication. Since its emergence, it rapidly matured into full-fledged, OEM-ready solutions for cross-platform Document and Medical imaging.
Enterprises large and small, down the street and across the globe teamed up with LEAD to make its HTML5 library what it is today. This connection and personal touch is hard to find among component vendors, and it sets LEADTOOLS apart from the field by having real-world functionality developed specifically to meet the demands of customers writing applications for an evolving platform like HTML5.
“Anyone can design and sell an imaging component,” explained Daher. “But making something that customers actually want is the true litmus test of quality and workmanship. Through careful research, strategic partnerships and hiring top engineering talent, we can rest easy knowing that LEADTOOLS will contain valuable technology that our customers need.”
Doing its homework and learning how developers tick has certainly gone a long way in keeping LEAD at the top of their game. Their commitment to both customers and product development places LEADTOOLS at the top of developers’ lists when considering imaging components.
When the next wave of technology appears on the horizon, expect to see LEADTOOLS already riding it and providing the next iteration of the world’s most innovative and programmer-friendly imaging software development components.
For more information about LEAD Technologies and
LEADTOOLS, visit www.leadtools.com.