Improve speed and quality with Parasoft

Today’s businesses not only run on software, their reputations depend on it. As a result, software teams have to deliver better-quality software faster to keep their companies competitive. To avoid having to choose between speed and quality, more than 7,000 organizations around the world depend on Parasoft.

“Software has evolved from being a process driver to a business differentiator. More than ever, failing software equates to a failing business,” said Parasoft CEO Dr. Elizabeth Kolawa. “We offer a true development-testing and continuous-testing platform that accelerates the SDLC and reduces business risks.”

Parasoft made the SD Times 100 for its continuous innovation in the Mobile Testing, Quality Assurance, and Security category. Throughout its 27 year history, the company has continued to deliver breakout solutions that help businesses improve software delivery cycles and software quality.

Parasoft delivers a development-testing platform, service virtualization, and API/integration testing to enable continuous testing—reducing the time, effort and cost of delivering secure, reliable and compliant software. Its enterprise and embedded development solutions include static analysis, unit testing with requirements traceability, functional and load testing, development and test-environment management, and more. Most Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft to help them produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently.

Service Virtualization enables continuous testing
Continuous testing requires anytime, anywhere access to a complete test environment. Parasoft Service Virtualization is an open, automated infrastructure that enables teams to provision simulated test environments and launch associated test scenarios via a readily-accessible API—enabling fully-automated testing.

“Continuous delivery requires continuous testing,” said Kolawa. “Automating the SDLC requires the ability to test anytime in a complete manner. We allow teams to launch a myriad of different test environments, each of which runs an extensive set of test scenarios so all the necessary provisioning and test execution can be fully automated.”

Parasoft Service Virtualization can generate sophisticated, flexible virtual assets in a matter of seconds and ensure that all involved parties have the appropriate level of access and visibility.  This accelerates the SDLC and allows software teams to execute the unit, component, functional, integration, and performance tests necessary for effective continuous testing. By testing early and often, software teams can reduce risks and deliver higher-quality functionality to the market faster and at a lower cost.

“Today’s organizations spend too much time waiting for a test environment and running manual tests against test environments,” said Kolawa. “You can achieve a greater degree of automation when the test environment is consistently available.”

In addition to facilitating automation, the solution can analyze and visualize the health of the environment to proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of test results. Moreover, it also helps teams share the resources relevant to their projects and domains.
Parasoft is committed to expanding its service virtualization capabilities throughout 2014 and 2015. “The biggest barriers to software cadence and the acceleration of the SDLC is quality,” said Kolawa. “It’s easy to deliver bad code quickly to customers, but if software is what differentiates your business—which is increasingly common—you need powerful quality-control mechanisms.”

Parasoft Development Testing Platform prevents defects
Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform (DTP) consistently applies software testing practices throughout the SDLC, enabling software quality efforts to evolve from automated to continuous. “In order for businesses to accelerate the release of applications, there must be an automated, accurate and dependable method to measure application quality as well as business risk,” said Kolawa.

Parasoft DTP seamlessly integrates with any internal, open-source, or COTS tools that are critical to the organization’s development environment. “The opportunity to integrate any SDLC tool into this platform gives organizations a single point of control for all activities associated with developing secure, reliable and compliant code,” explained Kolawa. “This not only enables a much better understanding of what is being developed and how it is being developed, it also assists organizations to substantially broaden the scope of development policies being monitored to ensure that software is being developed in line with management’s expectations. By automatically and continuously measuring whether quality expectations are being met, we can truly deliver a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks and enable a continuous release process.”

Earlier this year, Parasoft introduced the Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine (PIE), a Parasoft DTP component that aggregates and analyzes information throughout the SDLC to identify business risks early and automatically. PIE delivers an actionable list of findings that are prioritized according to the organization’s policies.

“Quality data is contributed by multiple tools throughout all phases of a delivery cycle,” Kolawa explained. “Parasoft PIE not only serves as a central repository for this information, but also introduces business intelligence for the SDLC. Leveraging PIE, organizations identify business risks across tools, time and teams, which allows them to discover risks and opportunities that humans would most likely overlook.”

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