Put quality first with SOASTA

The best websites and mobile apps aren’t the ones that look good; they’re the ones that simultaneously engage users and deliver exceptional performance. Using SOASTA technology, digital businesses have the ability to deliver exceptional user experiences by executing more functional, performance, and end-user scenario tests in less time.

“Testing is about trying to simulate every possible scenario that might happen on a website or while using a mobile app,” said Tom Lounibos, President and CEO of SOASTA. “The combined power of CloudTest, TouchTest, and mPulse provide a complete platform for simulating and monitoring every possible user scenario in real time.”

Gartner and IDC consider SOASTA “the Mercury Interactive of cloud and mobile environments.” In fact, SOASTA is ranked as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Software Quality Solutions. SOASTA is often recognized for its innovation and technological leadership.  SD Times has once again added SOASTA to the SD Times 100’s Quality Assurance and Security category.

A complete testing solution
The SOASTA Platform is an integrated testing platform architected for smarter test automation and the performance testing of Web and mobile apps. The platform leverages the cloud to affordably provision, configure, deploy, and manage performance tests at any scale. It accurately tests mobile apps with precise touch and gesture replication. The platform also includes an analytics engine that delivers real-time actionable intelligence.

“We built the largest test platform in the world. It has the ability to simulate billions of consumers around the world with all kinds of variations,” said Lounibos. “Our fundamental game-changer is speed. What used to take six weeks takes six hours, and we’re in the process of making six hours six minutes.”
The SOASTA Platform is popular among enterprise customers who want comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities. They are taking advantage of the Platform’s three components: mPulse, which monitors Web and mobile applications; CloudTest for load and performance testing; and TouchTest for mobile functionality testing. The products can also be purchased separately.

Test real users
Businesses building direct relationships with consumers want to deliver the best possible user experiences on the Web and via mobile devices. mPulse is a Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution that captures and aggregates the performance and engagement metrics most important to a business and its bottom line in real time. mPulse also provides contextual information alerts so appropriate action can be taken immediately. All data is presented in visually stunning, easy-to-understand, actionable formats.

“Our customers want to see every user of their website or their mobile app in real time so they can take action to improve the user experience as it’s happening rather than a week later,” said Lounibos. “You can see on a globe where users are in the world, and understand instantly who’s having problems and who isn’t. It could be a category of users—those using tablets, iPhones, or those in a particular geographic area.”

mPulse allows businesses to measure the experiences of individual users of a site or app, regardless of the device, operating system, or browser they are using. Armed with such knowledge, organizations can focus on the most popular pages, gestures, third-party services, and user profiles to determine the optimal level of performance. Its data visualizations clearly indicate how Web and mobile performance impact the business, and its multi-dimensional analysis enables drill-down into data by page groups, browsers, mobile operating systems, bandwidth, and more. With mPulse, real user data can be dragged, dropped, combined, and correlated on the fly. Its in-memory analytics ensure that information is delivered to the right team members at the right time.

Test at scale
Performance engineers and QA professionals are being asked to test websites and mobile applications faster, more rigorously and at scale for less cost. CloudTest builds, executes, and analyzes performance tests on single, powerful, intuitive platform. SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud scales up to millions of geographically dispersed mobile or Web users.

Test smarter
Smart devices require smarter testing. SOASTA’s TouchTest delivers revolutionary functional test automation capabilities for multi-touch, gesture-based applications. It tests how apps behave under real-world conditions, and allows QA professionals to capture and play back all possible actions and gestures, regardless of complexity, and then run the tests on a private device cloud. A private cloud is an affordable, easy-to-manage internal cloud for mobile application testing. Using TouchTest Private Device Clouds, mobile development and testing teams can remotely manage devices, apps, and tester activity.

Watch SOASTA grow
SOASTA is expanding quickly in Asia with offices in Shanghai and Tokyo. Meanwhile, it continues to build a larger footprint in Europe and South America. Lounibos said the company will continue to focus on process compression so customers can run more tests and more types of tests faster. Also expect to see more testing capabilities for the Internet of Things.

“Our whole methodology and approach is quality-first,” said Lounibos. “We are setting the standard for next generation test platforms.”

Learn more at www.soasta.com.