.NET and e-commerce come together with the second annual release of ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise control suite.

Studio Enterprise 2010 v2 features a sample e-commerce reference application called AdventureWorks, which simulates an online storefront for a bicycle shop. It utilizes ASP.NET AJAX controls with jQuery, CSS3 styling and a sample database created with SQL Server.

The site is built against the database and uses Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity framework as a data model. “Everything down to the menu system is driven from structured data,” said ComponentOne product manager Chris Bannon.

This release of Studio Enterprise also adds new controls for Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation, including a data grid control that extends the Microsoft DataGrid object model with such features as drag-and-drop, filtering, grouping and hierarchical support.

ComponentOne also ported its Windows Forms FlexGrid data grid control to the Silverlight and WPF suites. It provides a lightweight control that has no dependencies, but remains full featured, Bannon said. The suite also has new controls for calendars and mapping.