Concept Searching a leader in developing automatic conceptual metadata generation, automated classification, and taxonomy management software has announced availability of their add-on product contentTypeUpdater for SharePoint 2010.  

Regulatory guidelines associated with data transparency, records management, and information security drive the requirement for workflow.  High content producing organizations lacking automated processes that enable records declaration, data transparency, and information security find that they are at increased financial risk when it comes to storing, preserving, securing, controlling, and finding information.   In most organizations that use SharePoint documents are often placed in the wrong location, have inappropriate metadata applied, and lack measures to control access and rights management for individual data assets.
Content types in SharePoint 2010 enable organizations to take advantage of the workflow capabilities that can enhance organizational performance while driving down costs.  The only obstacle with content type application is that individuals have to decide which content type applies to every document ingested by SharePoint.  For organizations with quite a bit of content this is no trivial matter.  

To address this issue contentTypeUpdater works with conceptClassifier for SharePoint to automatically apply correct content types when organizationally defined descriptors and vocabulary reside within documents.  As a result, the combination of the technologies delivers a unique and powerful solution leveraging SharePoint content types.  conceptClassifier for SharePoint is the only technology that automatically generates conceptual metadata as content is created or ingested.  Using the taxonomy manager feature, organizations can rapidly develop and deploy taxonomies and controlled vocabularies associated with business processes.  This includes creating a taxonomy that mirrors the records management file plan and one that addresses vocabulary and descriptors found in confidential and privacy data.  contentTypeUpdater uses records retention codes, semantic, and security metadata associated to data assets to drive the automatic application of content types.  Once documents have the appropriate content type, based on natural language and automatically applied metadata, workflows can be started.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of contentTypeUpdater for SharePoint 2010.  We have seen tremendous adoption of SharePoint 2010 and this functionality along with our semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, taxonomy management, and native integration with the SharePoint Term Store provides a robust solution to address records management, compliance, and data privacy protection in the SharePoint environment,” said Martin Garland, President Concept Searching.