Docker is no longer competing with Kubernetes for container orchestration. The company announced this week at DockerCon Europe that it will be integrating Kubernetes into the Docker platform. Kubernetes is an open source system for automated container deployment, scaling and management.

As part of Docker’s update to the Docker platform, Kubernetes will now be offered along with Docker Swarm for orchestration.

“At Docker, user feedback is our primary source of information to decide when to add new capabilities to the platform,” said Solomon Hykes, founder and chief product officer for Docker. “The addition of Kubernetes as an option alongside Swarm gives our users and customers the ability to make an orchestration choice with the added security, management and end-to-end Docker experience that they’ve come to expect from Docker since the very beginning. We look forward to working with the Kubernetes community to help users, partners and customers achieve the full benefits of the containerization revolution.”

Users running Kubernetes in the Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) will get the came capabilities as Docker Swarm users, such as easy production install, built-in security, secure image management, secure automation, secure multi-tenancy, the ability to deploy Docker Compose files to Kubernetes, centralized management and infrastructure independence.

“Docker, with its Enterprise Edition, has built traction with enterprise customers by offering them a comprehensive set of management and security capabilities that can enable container-based applications in production and across hybrid environments,” said Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst for 451 Research. “Support for Kubernetes, in addition to the Docker Enterprise Edition capabilities including security, flexibility and enterprise-grade capabilities across a variety of clouds, Linux distributions and Windows, should appeal to enterprises seeking to centrally manage container applications and speed ROI.”

The company also announced the addition of Kubernetes to Docker Community Edition for Mac and Windows. The Docker team plans to release a beta program by the end of the year. “With Kubernetes support in Docker CE for Mac and Windows, Docker Inc. can provide customers an end-to-end suite of container-management software and services that span from developer workstations, through test and CI/CD through to production on-prem or in the cloud,” Michael Friis, product manager at Docker, wrote in a post.

In addition, Docker announced the team has been working to adopt and contribute to Kubernetes over the last year through the Moby Project. The Moby Project is Docker’s project for accelerating software containerization. Some projects the Moby Project and Kubernetes have worked on together include the containerd project, LinuxKit and InfraKit.

“Docker and Kubernetes share much lineage, are written using the same programming language and have overlapping components, contributors and ideals. We at Docker are looking forward to incorporating Kubernetes support into our products and into the open source projects we work on. And we can’t wait to work with the Kubernetes community to make containers and container-orchestration ever more powerful and easier to use,” Hykes wrote in a post.

More information is available here.