As companies try to take the best security measures, CoreOS, a company that manages and secures containers, tries to help them out.

CoreOS yesterday announced Tectonic with Distributed Trusted Computing. Tectonic is a Kubernetes solution for deploying, managing and securing containers. With Distributed Trusted Computing, it validates everything from the distributed application layer, the container, the node and even the operating system, all with hardware-driven cryptographic verification. This makes Tectonic a trusted and secure place to build, run, and manage containers, according to its announcement.

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Enterprises can have cryptographic guarantees about the configuration of their environment with Distributed Trusted Computing, the company said. Some security features with Distributed Trusted Computing allow administrators to validate node and cluster integrity even in hostile datacenter conditions; verify systems before disrupting app containers; prevent attacks on the OS; and cryptographically verify what containers have been executed on the system.

“Security is central to our mission here at CoreOS,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, in the announcement. “It is rare to be able to introduce a completely new class of computing to the market, and we are proud today to do just that with Distributed Trusted Computing. This is a step further in the security capabilities of enterprises, for the first time giving cryptographically guaranteed end-to-end integrity and control of their environment.”

Distributed Trusted Computing is available as a configuration to all users of Tectonic, which can run in any environment.