Welcome to a special Thanksgiving edition of GitHub’s Top 5 trending projects! The rankings were compiled only as far as Wednesday, but we included a bonus sixth project this week to make up for it.

#1: GitHub Résumé was featured in last week’s top 5 list.

#2: You Don’t Know JS
This still-developing book series created by Kyle Simpson was born on Kickstarter. It’s comprised of five books diving deep into the core mechanisms of JavaScript. The first, “Scope & Closures,” already has a rough draft. The second, “This & Object Prototypes,” is currently being written, and the last three—“Types & References,” “Grammar,” and “Performance—are not far away.

#3: Ionic
Ionic is an advanced HTML5 mobile app framework made by Drifty, with a beautiful front-end framework for developing hybrid, cross-platform native apps in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The framework focuses on building hybrid native apps rather than mobile websites, focusing on design and performance to make HTML5 feel truly native.

#4: Kraken
Consider it released. PayPal has set loose this Express-based Node.js Web app bootstrapping module and framework. Kraken is but one tentacle of the Kraken Suite, a secure and scalable layer that sits atop Grunt and Express with a more robust feature set. Kraken pulls apps down into the depths of open-source frameworks with support for externalized content, localization, compile-on-the-fly editing, environment-based configuration, and baked-in application security.

#5: Cosmic Sans Neue Mono
This playfully named programming font family from Jany Belluz was designed with functionality in mind. It includes a monospaced variant that Belluz describes as “the mutant child of Comic Sans and Helvetica Neue” that has “some wibbly-wobbly handwriting-like fuzziness that makes it unassumingly cool.” No further description needed.

Bonus project #6: Spark
Spark is a Chrome-based IDE built using Google’s newly released programming language, Dart. It has a reusable library of GUI widgets, and it marks Dart’s first significant leap into development tools.

For more details on Spark and Dart, head over to our coverage of the Spark announcement and Dart 1.0 release.