CVISION Technologies, a leading provider of software to optimize document-driven workflows and business processes, announced today the release of Trapeze eFiler 2.0. eFiler delivers a flexible, server-based software solution to automatically classify and route PDF files and image-based documents. Handling paper within an office environment is cumbersome and time-consuming. In order to maximize employees’ time, organizations can leverage eFiler to make documents more accessible with less manual filing and searching. eFiler also helps ensure documents are not lost or misfiled, while reducing costs and optimizing employee time. eFiler processes incoming documents from scanners or file folders and routes these documents to a user, group, or repository within an organization. 

eFiler was engineered to maximize how organizations handle PDF files and scanned paper within SharePoint. Integrated directly with SharePoint, eFiler enables companies to organize and classify documents within their SharePoint environment. The out-of-the-box solution combines the efficiency of document classification and distribution with the flexibility of a direct SharePoint integration. By automating workflows and routing documents with eFiler, organizations can produce measurable ROI in a short period of time.

eFiler differentiates itself by leveraging advanced machine learning to improve upon classification results even further. The system gets smarter as new files are released to network folders, SharePoint or other document repositories. The eFiler system can learn classification rules based on an existing file system or SharePoint taxonomy. A classification system can alternatively be built automatically by analyzing documents in a single folder. As eFiler processes more documents, it gets smarter by understanding an organization’s business and classification rules.

eFiler Features: 

• Automatically classifies, files, and routes documents for improved organization efficiencies
• Direct integration with SharePoint to enable organizations to enhance their existing processes
• Learns document structure (taxonomy) from existing SharePoint sites or network folders
• Machine learning technology to improve system knowledge base over time
• PDF Optimization: eFiler generates compressed, text-searchable (OCR) PDF files for greater efficiency

“We are very excited about the release of eFiler 2.0” said Chris Koulouris, director of marketing at CVISION. “By leveraging advanced PDF optimization and automated document classification, we envision eFiler to be the ideal document capture SharePoint integration for organizations of any size. We believe eFiler will resonate with any organization looking to increase efficiencies of document driven processes through auto-classification and routing.”

CVISION’s eFiler is built for high volume document processing. CVISION’s Trapeze can be leveraged to automate and classify incoming paper from point of entry into your organization. For even more automation, eFiler can be integrated seamlessly into other Trapeze suite solutions for automated data extraction and predictive analytics, including solutions for invoice processing and forms processing.

For more information on CVISION’s Trapeze eFiler solution, visit, or email