Ascend empowers everyone to create smarter products. Ascend provides a fully-managed platform for data analysts, data scientists, and analytics/BI engineers to create Autonomous Data Pipelines that fuel analytics and machine learning applications. Leveraging the platform, these teams can collaborate and adopt DataOps best practices as they self-serve and iterate with data and create reusable, self-healing pipelines on massive data sets in hours, instead of the weeks or months.

Attunity enables organizations to gain more value from their data while also saving time and money. Its software portfolio accelerates data delivery and availability, automates data readiness, and intelligently optimizes data management.

Composable Analytics is an enterprise-grade DataOps platform that is designed for business users wishing to create data intelligence solutions and data-driven products.

DataKitchen’s DataOps platform provides users with previously unavailable insights by allowing for the development and deployment of innovative and iterative data analytic pipelines.

Delphix offers a dynamic data platform that connects data with the people who need it most. It reduces data friction by providing a collaborative platform for data operator and consumers. This ensures that sensitive data is secured and the right data is made available to the right people.

The Devo Data Operations Platform is a full-stack, multi-tenant, distributed data analytics platform that scales to petabyte data volumes and collects, stores, and analyzes real-time and historical data. Devo collects terabytes of data per day, enabling enterprises to leverage machine data from IT, operational and security sources. Devo reduces direct operational costs and resources while ensuring visibility across the enterprise’s data landscape, delivering performance up to 50x faster than competing solutions using 75% less infrastructure.

HPCC Systems: the big data platform that enables you to spend less time formatting data and more time analyzing it. This truly open source solution allows you to quickly process, analyze, and understand large data sets, even data stored in massive, mixed schema data lakes. Designed by data scientists, HPCC Systems is a complete, integrated solution from data ingestion and data processing to data delivery. Connectivity modules and third-party tools, a Machine Learning Library, and a robust developer community help you get up and running quickly.

Infoworks’ platform automates the operationalization and governance of end-to-end data engineering and DataOps processes. It also provides role-based access controls so that administrators can control which users have access to certain data sets.

Kinaesis are a leading financial services data consultancy focusing on Data Strategy and Execution through their DataOps methodology. They provide DataOps accelerators and consultancy and partner with leading technology vendors to maximise ROI. They aid clients in delivering a data culture whilst helping them to define their strategic data architecture, building pervasive data management and governance capabilities as opposed to ‘one-off’ fixes. Kinaesis are founders of the DataOps Thinktank community on LinkedIn and Twitter. is a DataOps platform for streaming technologies like Apache Kafka. Lenses enables a seamless experience for running your Data Platform on-prem, cloud or hybrid and put dataOps in the heart of your business operations. Provides self-service data-in-motion control, build and monitor your data flows whilst security, data governance and data ethics are treated as first-class citizens. As a streaming platform overlay technology, Lenses® integrates with Kubernetes and can run with any distribution of Apache Kafka including AWS MKS and Azure HDInsight.

MapR is a data platform that combines AI and analytics.  Its DataOps Governance Framework offers a blend of technology options that can provide an enterprisewide management solution that can help them govern data.

Nexla is a data platform that is hoping to be “the new standard in Data Operations.” It offers data ingestion and integration at scale, Flex API technology, the ability to connect to almost any format, the ability to create inter-company feeds, and provides your data the way you want it.

Qubole is a cloud-native data platform for self-service AI, machine learning, and analytics. It provides end-to-end big data processing that will enable users to more efficiently conduct ETL, analytics, and AI/ML workloads.

Redgate Software: The increasing desire to include database development in DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery has to be balanced against the need to keep data safe. Hence the rise in database management tools which help to introduce compliance by default, yet also speed up development while protecting personal data. Redgate’s portfolio of SQL Server tools span the whole database development process, from version control to data masking, and also plug into the same infrastructure already used for application development, so the database can be developed alongside the application.

StreamSets is a data integration engine for flowing data from streaming source to modern analytics platforms. It offers a collaborative pipeline design, and the ability to deploy and scale on-edge, on-prem, or in the cloud, map and monitor dataflows for end-to-end visibility, and enforce data SLAs.

Tamr offers a new approach to data integration. It solutions make it easy to use machine learning to unify data silos.