Cockroach Labs announced the general availability of its serverless database that can help teams accelerate their software design cycles.

“We envision a world where your data-intensive applications effortlessly and securely serve millions of customers anywhere on the planet, with the exact right capacity for that moment – all enabled by a simple SQL API in the cloud,” said Nate Stewart, chief product officer at Cockroach Labs. “We’re a step closer to that vision now that CockroachDB Serverless is generally available. We’ve also released a new migration toolset and formed critical partnerships to help customers with existing applications take full advantage of CockroachDB.”

Users of the serverless database can save time by automating management and maintenance. It also offers scalability and high availability, and can automatically handle spikes in demand without bottlenecks.

Other capabilities include instant start, a CLI, PostgreSQL ORMs and drivers, and no-downtime schema changes.

The new serverless database includes a free tier of up to 5GB of storage and 250M RUs per month. 

The company also released its migration tool, CockroachDB Molt and integrations with Vercel, HashiCorp Vault, and Hashicorp Terraform. 

Additional details on the new releases are available here.