GrapeCity is introducing a progression of its ActiveReport Server, Wyn Enterprise. This new solution is an enterprise business intelligence software platform that features collaborative self-service reporting and analytics. 

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The BI platform features three portals that focus on different enterprise user groups:

  • Document: Where users work with interactive dashboards and reports to detect existing trends and uncover new ones
  • Resource: Where users can connect  to multiple data sources, organize data and generate data sets. 
  • Admin Portal: Where users can manage server configurations and integrations with other enterprise systems. 

“Wyn was created to provide more analytics, dashboarding, and data visualization functionality and advance with the trends of the enterprise BI market space,” said Bhupesh Malhotra, Wyn Product Manager. “Wyn Enterprise’s light weight server architecture also addresses our customers’ need to diversify and move towards trending OS technologies, including Linux and Windows OS, across on-premise and cloud-based networks.”

Other features include:

  • Built-in tools for data governance, modeling, federation, scheduled distribution and multi tenancy
  • A lightweight server architecture with ad hoc reporting, embedded analytics and interactive dashboarding
  • WynDashboards to visualize data and identify trends