Komprise, a company that provides management capabilities for unstructured data, has announced the release of a new service that will enable companies to more easily integrate their data with AI services. 

According to Komprise, two of the biggest challenges to incorporating AI are discovering and feeding the right data and enriching data sets for AI, both of which are highly manual processes.

Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager aims to alleviate those challenges by simplifying and automating those processes. 

It includes a point-and-click UI wizard for setting up AI data workflows, which can handle tasks like searching for data sets, configuring and tuning the AI service, and defining tags and frequency of workflows. 

The solution also enables use of Komprise Deep Analytics to search across all of a company’s data, regardless of where it is stored. 

It offers a single interface for monitoring all workloads, which provides information such as the status of each workflow, how many files were processed, the runtime, the next scheduled run, and any actionable errors. 

Other key features include automated workflows, pre-built integrations with popular AI services, tags to add context to data, and data governance and auditing capabilities.

“Our mission at Komprise is to help customers maximize the value of their data, and leveraging AI responsibly and efficiently is a priority,” says Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO of Komprise. “We are targeting common use cases that many of our customers have brought to us as a first step and we will continue to expand the Smart Data Workflow ecosystem to encompass any AI service.”

The Smart Data Workflow Manager is now available in early access, through Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management platform. The company is also hosting a webinar on June 6th at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT to dive into the features of this new platform.