Confluent announced the release of ksqlDB, an event streaming database designed to bring stream processing to the mainstream. 

According to Confluent, ksqlDB unifies multiple systems involved in stream processing into a single solution for building event streaming applications. 

“KsqlDB is a major evolution of KSQL to make it easy for any organization to harness event streams in Apache Kafka. With ksqlDB, we’re reducing the number of pieces developers needed to understand and put together to write event streaming applications,” said Neha Narkhede, co-founder and chief product officer at Confluent. “By using just Kafka and ksqlDB, any organization can leverage event streaming data to compete in the modern world.”

KsqlDB features pull queries to simplify the development of event streaming applications. The project offers one SQL query language to work with both push and pull queries in one model.

KsqlDB also aims to simplify building event streaming applications with built-in support for a large range of pre-built connectors capable of running directly inside its servers, rather than relying on a separate solution to get event data from and to every external data system, Confluent explained.

“Now developers can directly control and execute connectors built to work with Kafka Connect, making it easier to both source and sink event data with external systems, creating a simplified event streaming architecture,” Confluent wrote in a post.