Global systems management, data protection and security software company Quest Software has announced it is acquiring erwin for its data modeling, data governance, and business process modeling solutions. According to Quest, this acquisition will help users to reap the benefits from all of their data as well as drive significant data initiatives. 

“Data-centric projects are rapidly accelerating across the enterprise. Together, Quest and erwin will continue to deliver database tools aimed at helping companies know their data, alleviating concerns about where and how their data is used,” said Patrick Nichols, the CEO of Quest Software. “Quest’s focus on ‘Where next meets now’ drives every new capability we add to our products and each new investment.”

Erwin will add new capabilities that focus on driving significant data initiatives and the deployment of modern applications all while remaining compliant, according to Quest Software in a post.

Erwin’s Data Modeler extracts data from multiple sources, whether that’s structured or unstructured formats, and multiple systems. 

Meanwhile, the erwin Data Intelligence Suite classifies data and detects who has access to the data as well what information is particularly sensitive. 

Erwin also provides business process modeling and compliance through the Evolve Suite. 

With the acquisition, erwin users will also benefit through access to Quest’s global reach, support, and services. 

 “Quest and erwin’s products together provide a powerful solution for the digital transformation that today’s enterprises require to stay competitive and address ever-growing concerns of stewardship and compliance,” said Adam Famularo, the CEO of erwin. “Thanks to metadata-driven automation, all stakeholders can discover, harvest, understand, govern, and socialize data assets to unleash more potential and greater value while mitigating risk.”

The transaction closed on December 31, 2020 and the terms were not disclosed.