JetBrains is giving developers some insight into what they can expect from the company’s upcoming IDE. OxDBE is a new IDE for developers working with SQL and databases. The company has announced the OxDBE 1.0 Preview, a nearly finished version of the product.

According to the company, the IDE will feature:

  • Faster and more accurate schema introspection
  • Ability to modify tables from the Database tool window, editor or query console
  • Search text in the table editor
  • Ability to generate and modify DDL statements
  • Multiple query consoles
  • Query console local history
  • Execution behavior
  • Ability to run statements from structure view
  • An execution plan for statements
  • Ability to compare query results
  • CSV format support
  • Visual diagrams for databases
  • Enhanced navigation

The database IDE is expected to be released by the end of November as part of the JetBrains Toolbox.

More information is available here.