Datapolis Process System is now available for purchase, following its debut in Las Vegas at Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014, to create and deploy workflows, convert them into applications that can run independently or inside other workflows with central administration to simplify management and permissions while revealing statistics on usage and timing.   

Paweł Bujak, Datapolis President: “When designing the new system we paid special attention to some issues that are relevant for SharePoint process engineers. Large organizations often use many dispersed workflows containing the same sub-processes, like invoicing, expenses, claims or legal statements. That’s why we decided to expand Datapolis Workbox and launch a new product.   Engineers can modify only one application to implement changes everywhere it was used, keeping processes coherent and up-to-date.”

Datapolis Process System provides complete functionality to model, implement, manage, and evolve process driven applications in SharePoint. A readable drag & drop process designer, a simple forms builder and central administration allow administrators to build and manage workflows, set up clear permission structures and monitor workflow performance.

Solution providers will benefit from Datapolis development platform allowing them to build custom solutions. The licensing model will grant them rights to release solutions independently on a commercial basis.  

Datapolis Process System is available in two editions: The “Workflow edition” supports existing applications, while the “Application & Workflow edition” enables building new ones and offers extended administration options.

For convenience, Datapolis prepared an online test site, a hosted SharePoint environment allowing registrants to test and deploy Datapolis Process System workflows free of charge. With up to five user accounts and no time limit, anyone interested in Datapolis Process System can assess its capabilities. A fully functional 30-day trial version is also available. More information can be found on