DevExpress recently released DevExpress Universal 13.1, an updated version of its integrated .NET software development tool set. .NET developers can create Windows, Web and mobile applications using the new controls and features across the WinForms, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8 XAML tool sets.

DevExpress Universal’s WinForms tool set contains new spreadsheet and map controls, data editors (including sparkline and drop-down tree list), an icon library, a Windows 8 Live Tile manager, and a touch-optimized skin. The updated ASP.NET and MVC tool set gives Web developers paging support for touch-centric applications, an ASP.NET image gallery, an ASP.NET and MVC application theme, an MVC image slider and file manager, and an MVC Captcha feature. The tool set now also supports SharePoint 2013.

The WPF tool set now contains a chart wizard, a property grid control, Windows 8-inspired controls, and a Visual Studio application template gallery. The updated WPF and Silverlight tool sets both contain a new banded-grid view, and improved map and range controls. The Windows 8 XAML tool set now contains a new OneNote-inspired radial menu and a flyout control.