CloudBees today announced its vision for software delivery management (SDM) at its annual DevOps World | Jenkins World conference in San Francisco. SDM is an ongoing trend that aims to help organizations connect their entire business through delivery, teams, tools and technologies.

“It is something that is super important in our current era. We keep saying that software is eating the world, and yet we don’t really have a way to manage the delivery of software much like we have software to manage things like sales, marketing or finance. We don’t have that for software delivery. What we are observing in organizations is a lot of them have acquired a lot of different systems to develop and deliver better and different teams have different needs and that leads to a lot of silos among those teams and even within teams,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees.

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As a result, the company announced the early preview version of its CloudBees SDM Platform. The platform is designed to tie together all of the artifacts, data and events within an organization’s DevOps toolchain and bring them together in a unified system of record.

“There are many things you want to know about your organization. Sometimes you want to know why it is not working. Why it is not working fast enough. Where are the bottlenecks. How can you do things better. We are building this SDM that is essentially a data backend. It makes it possible to aggregate all the data from those different systems and have a unified data model for all of DevOps,” said Labourey.

Bringing all the data together will make it possible to extract insight that can be extremely useful in unlocking value for the business, seeing where the bottlenecks are and understanding why you are not getting the outcomes you are looking for, Labourey explained.

In addition, Labourey said the SDM platform is not just a dashboard for viewing everything in one place, but it also helps connect common processes and data within the software delivery life cycle. Features include a product hub, policy engine, efficiency dashboard, contributions dashboard, real-time value stream management and integrated feature flag management.

Additionally, the company announced updates to its Application Release Orchestration platform and CloudBees Accelerator at the conference.

Version 9.1 of the CloudBees Flow platform features release command center customization, data archiving, visibility into how a release is progressing, release portfolio feedback and release pipeline execution.

CloudBees Accelerator version 11.1 aims to cut build and test cycle times. Features include support for SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols, improvements to CloudBees Electrify, enhancements to the Linux Foundation’s Yocto project, and improvements to out-of-the-box CloudBees Accelerator support.