Electric Cloud wants to give DevOps teams the ability to do zero-downtime deployments. The company announced the latest version of its end-to-end DevOps platform, ElectricFlow, with push-button support for advanced deployments.

“One of the things that we believe strongly in, and a point of view we have in the product, is that your first deployment should not be when you deploy into production,” said Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud. “The last thing you want to do is get all the way through development to where you are done and you are ready to deploy your product, and then your deployment scripts don’t work because you haven’t run them before.”

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The latest release of ElectricFlow aims to address this by providing support for rolling deployments in addition to its already supported blue/green and canary deployments. According to Wallgren, support for rolling deployments is a significant advancement because most rolling deployments are confined to production environments. With ElectricFlow, teams can conduct rolling deployments in QA, staging and pre-production environments without investing in more resources or requiring additional management overhead.

“We believe very strongly that you should evolve and maintain your deployment processes essentially alongside your code,” said Wallgren.

Other features of ElectricFlow include environment reservation and calendaring to increase visibility and reduce cross-team conflicts; automated environment discovery to eliminate errors and reduce onboarding time and effort; full-stack dependency view, which provides a way for teams to model and visualize dependencies; and a built-in IDE to define, debug, version and store code.

“We appreciate the effort it typically takes for Application Support teams to provide superior quality of service and zero downtime for their hundreds or millions of demanding end users,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “This latest version of ElectricFlow fully automates the process of creating and executing advanced deployment strategies, making them error-free, easy to adopt, and simple to use.”

The latest version is now available through an invitation program and is expected to be generally available in August. Going forward, the company will look to update ElectricFlow with new microservices and container capabilities.