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DeployHub unleashes rapid and safe continuous deployments for agile teams with freely available open source software. Monolithic software deployments are an old habit based on waterfall practices. They create a barrier to achieving the full promise of agile, the point where software end users can safely receive new innovation on a high frequency basis. DeployHub breaks that barrier with iterative continuous deployments designed for high performing software development teams.

OpenMake software democratized continuous deployments when it spun off DeployHub Inc. to support the DeployHub Open Source Project. “We saw the barrier to achieving the full promise of agile was the lack of open source or even affordable continuous deployment tooling” explains Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and OpenMake Software. “We responded by launching the DeployHub Open Source Project based on the core of our commercial DeployHub solution. DeployHub is committed to making sure every Agile development team can achieve continuous deployments, even when they have zero budget authority.” In addition, a SaaS offering was just released so developers can begin using DeployHub Open Source for continuous deployments immediately.

The DeployHub Open Source Project is focused on features critical to microservices and container management with an eye on Kubernetes and Istio. Its agentless technology can easily support mixed environments from physical servers to cloud and containers.

DeployHub’s most interesting feature is its ability to perform iterative deployments based on a unique back-end versioning engine. For each software release, DeployHub versions your entire software deployment stack including infrastructure, environment variables and database updates. Each time a deployment is executed, DeployHub only releases the changes.Rollbacks,roll forwards or even version jumps are done incrementally creating a rapid and safe method for deploying new code to any environment. In addition, DeployHub includes plugins for common tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, Jira, Ansible and databases so Agile teams can mature their CI/CD process to full continuous deployment without sacrificing their favorite tools and existing work.

“Continuous deployment is the process of making innovation visible to users — right now,” said Tracy Ragan. “One of our customers, a large government agency,reported that their releases went from seven to eight hours down to an easy five minutes with DeployHub.

OpenMake was selected as one of the 2018 SD Times 100 for its innovative contributions to the DevOps category.

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